Catering Services (Syria)

Besidesmanufacturing authentic Levantine Sweets, Diwan Al Muhanna is renowned for its catering services supported by a team of talented cooks and hospitality experts who delivers only the most authentic recipes. Impeccable service and great-tasting food are the basis of our Catering Business philosophy.

- Event catering:
Diwan Al Muhanna caters to all types of events such as;
• Wedding/ Engagement cocktail, dinner and party,
• Birthday/ Graduation party and Baby Shower,
• Ramadan Iftar and Eid/ Christmas/ Easter lunch and dinner,
• Corporate events

Our clients can choose from our range of Menu selections or customize their own Menu.

- Boxed Lunch Catering includes;
• Daily Gourmet Meals,
• Executive Lunch boxes,
• Freshly Prepared Middle Eastern Pastries

Contact us to help you plan your memorable events with the most flavorful meals and ideal services. 
Please click on this link to download our catering menu